A tribute to the magnificent Hill Sisters of Louisville, KY


Patty and Mildred Hill celebrate Women’s Equality Day

The magnificent Hill Sisters made an appearance at the Frazier Historical Museum to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

Patty and Mildred, both well-educated first at home  — next door to their father’s Bellewood Female Seminary in Anchorage, KY — by their creative and egalitarian mother, and later in Anna Bryan’s Louisville School for Kindergartners (which then meant kindergarten teachers), were avid voters and believed with John Dewey that public education needed to teach democratic dispositions to all its citizens.

Patty’s budding early childhood education philosophy called for children to make choices, play collaboratively with others, and sing meaningful songs in a group setting.

The Happy Birthday Park will celebrate this understanding of early childhood education by presenting children and their families with opportunities to play and work together.

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