A tribute to the magnificent Hill Sisters of Louisville, KY

Park plans

Site concepts

The Happy Birthday Park Board of Directors has, over three “visioning” workshops, developed a robust concept for the park.  First and foremost, the board wants to honor the legacy of the Hill Sisters in a way that embodies their deep respect for children and the Hill/Dewey/Bank Street progressive philosophy of early childhood education.  Sopaintingme of the attributes of such a park include structures and materials that encourage children and families to:

  • make music
  • solve problems
  • cooperate with other visitors
Work with Solid Light, Inc

The Happy Birthday Park Board of Directors contracted with Solid Light, Inc to develop ideas for the site which yielded very exciting ideas for musical instruments, adult-child interaction, and multi-tiered landscaping.
marimba  Climbing_Crawling1   drums multi-age

 Site location

Several sites in urban Louisville and the Louisville waterfront are being considered for the location of the park.  The eventual location will, of course, determine the magnitude of the park as well as its design.   However, the Board of Directors is clear in its direction to create a park that reflects the Hill Sisters’ marvelous qualities:

  • innovative
  • bold
  • courageous
  • wise
  • committed
Hill blocks
Imagination Playground, Manhattan, c2015
Imagination Playground, Manhattan, c2015